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Aerobatic & Black Robin River Run Flights

Discover the thrill & excitement of aerobatic flight!

One Hour Aerobatics Flight

If a half hour of “turning and burning” is not enough then try this flight.

We combine the half hour aerobatics flight with our World Famous Black River Run. Not for the faint hearted or people with queasy stomachs.

We normally start by flying up the Swan River jumping over bridges, following every curve in the river anywhere at or below 1500 feet. Depending on exactly where we are you may be going from 1000 feet to 500 feet to 1500 feet and back again. All the while you will be experiencing high, zero and negative “Gs” with side slips. This is the closest to the Red Bull Race flight you will get anywhere.

We are the only people in Perth that CASA and Air Services Australia have given permission to do this.

Just when you start to get your bearing back we start the aerobatics over Warnbro Sound. Don’t worry, you will survive.

This is not just a ride. You get to actively participate! And screaming is allowed!

At the end of the day “WHY JUST WATCH”!

Approximately 60 mins

No personal camera’s or Go-Pros permitted on this flight.

All our flights are recorded and can be viewed once returning to the airport. You can purchase the video at an additional cost.


Let’s go FLYING!!!
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