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Commercial Pilot Licence

A Commercial Pilot Licence is required prior to being able to earn an income as a professional pilot.


If you are considering a career in aviation whether it be as an Airline pilot, a Flying instructor, a Charter pilot, or in Agricultural flying operations then you will require a commercial pilot licence.

Many private pilots who wish to increase their knowledge and enhance their skill study for a commercial licence, even if they’re not planning to make flying their career.

At Air Australia, we offer you a comprehensive training course with both theory and flight instruction to suit your requirements. These courses are conducted on either a full-time or part-time basis.

All courses offered by Air Australia are approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

How will I be trained?

If you are on the Approved Integrated Commercial Pilot Licence Training Course, your commercial training will consist of a minimum of 153 hours of flight training. This course is designed to integrate both your theory and flight training. Conducting your course to meet these requirements you can also save you a considerable amount of money.

If you have already obtained your private pilot licence and you have accumulated aeronautical experience that has not been part of an Approved Integrated Commercial Pilot Licence Training Course, then the minimum hours require will be 200 hours. We recommend that in this situation you come in to discuss your training requirements so that we can tailor a course to suit your needs.


What’s involved in this training?

The commercial flight training, involves improving the skills that you have already acquired during your private flight training including:

• improving your general aircraft handling

• radio procedures

• ability to make command decisions

• navigation

• emergency procedures

• how to handle passengers

• your overall professionalism.

Prior to the final stage of your Integrated Commercial Training you will be required to complete 120 hours worth of flying.

This means completing the following sequence:

• Private pilot licence

• 55 hours command flying

• Night rating

• Twin engine endorsement


The Theory component

The theory component for the commercial pilot licence is an extension of the private pilot licence theory. A basic understanding of physics and math is helpful as you will develop a greater understanding of aviation theory.


What kind of aircraft are used?

This course is designed for any pilot (although predominately commercial pilots) wishing to fly multi-engine piston aircraft. We operate a fleet of Piper Seneca aircraft, which are the best value for money aircraft in their class.

A multi-engine endorsement and command time is essential for almost all airline intake requirements. We can seamlessly help you achieve your multi engine endorsement or even combine it with a multi-engine command instrument rating and improve your employment prospects as a commercial pilot.


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