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Why Choose Air Australia
for Flight Training?

Air Australia International commenced operation in January of 1992. We are now one of Western Australia’s largest privately owned flying schools…

Air Australia International can help make you a pilot or assist existing pilots to improve their skills and pilot ratings.

It is important for prospective students to know that our the pilot training school has flown tens of thousands of incident and accident free flight hours…

Learning to fly is both a SAFE and EXCITING experience. Safety is always a #1 priority for our flying instructors here at Air Australia.

What we can do for you:

Our Perth flight training service covers all aspects of flying, from basic learning to fly a plane, to advanced multi-engine instrument flying for both local as well as overseas customers.

Other specialised training courses include: aerobatics training and ratings, constant speed unit and retractable undercarriage endorsements, night ratings, flight instrument ratings, advanced handling courses, flight reviews, instructor ratings and twin engine ratings.

Air Australia prides itself on its ability to design custom flight training sessions to suit each individual customer’s specific requirements.

Whether you want to fly on a full time or part-time basis, we will structure a training program to suit you.

Why not start training today?

Please contact us and we will discuss your training options here at Air Australia International…

Flight training