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Aircraft Hire Perth

Air Australia can advise you on your options that will allow you to fly in Australia.

Aircraft Hire

Make one of the largest states in the world your playground.
With over 11,000 runways, you can land almost anywhere in Western Australia.

Aircraft available for hire include:

Aircraft Cruise Useful Load Max Range Max Endurance
NAVAJO PA 31 185 kts 735 kgs 970nm 5.0 hrs
SENECA PA 34 165 kts 670 kgs 760nm 4.4 hrs
CARDINAL 177 145 kts 330 kgs 585nm 4.2 hrs
SKYHAWK C172 115 kts 400 kgs 585nm 5.0 hrs

Our dedication to safety means we check your capabilities before you fly, ensuring your journey is an enjoyable experience.

Some aircraft hire conditions do apply.


To book one of our aircraft, contact us at Air Australia today.

+61 8 9332 5011