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Welcome to Air Australia

Air Australia International has existed since January 1992.
We are currently the largest privately owned Flight School in W.A.
Customised pilot training

We provide customised flight training tailored to the requirements of both local and international customers. This covers all aspects of aviation training from the Recreational Pilot licence to the Private Pilot Licence and on to the Commercial Pilot Licence.

We also offer training for the following ratings:

• Instructor Rating
• Command Instrument Rating
• CSU/Retractable Undercarriage Rating
• Aerobatics Rating

We also offer an Accelerated Private Pilot Licence Course, which is a good option for many of overseas students.


Our instructors

Our Chief Flying Instructor/Chief Pilot has an extensive background in Twin Engine, Instrument and Instructor Training. He currently heads a staff of 12, consisting of Grade I Instructors (x 2), Grade II Instructors (x 5) and Grade III Instructors (x 5).

We have examining staff available to meet every licence or flight rating you require.


Our aircraft

We currently use 12 aircrafts including:

• 3 – C-152
• 4 – C-172
• 2 – R 2160
• 1 – C-177RG
• 1 – PA-34 II (have GNSS and ATS-B capability)
• 1 – PA-31 (have GNSS and ATS-B capability)

As new requirements emerge or aircraft age or are damaged, we adjust our fleet accordingly.


Our facilities

Our facilities have everything you need in a flight training environment including:

• a Waiting Terminal
• 4 – Briefing Rooms
• 2 – Classrooms
• 4 – Offices
• a Flight Planning/ Weather Briefing Area.

We also have an ATC 810 Flight Simulator with GNSS capability.

Our main strength is our ability to design programs to meet our customer’s specific needs in both aircraft and instruction.


Our experience

Air Australia International is sought out because of its knowledge, experience and flight training expertise.

We provided the Practical Flight Instruction for The International Aviation Program used by the International Division of the Western Australian TAFE (Technical and Further Education) and Saint Marks International College. We were also involved in the Youth Festival Program of the WA Department of Cabinet.

All courses offered by Air Australia are approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.


Who we train

Air Australia trains Australian and international students under our own programs. We’ve trained customers from the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Singapore, India, Brunei, Japan, Canada, Malta, Hong Kong, Zimbabwe, Italy, Germany and the USA.

Air Australia International’s Prime Objective is to establish a worldwide reputation for providing the very BEST Flight Instruction in Australia.

Contact us today!

+61 8 9332 5011