Mile High Club

The Mile High Club – Make your fantasy come true! Membership in this elite and exclusive club has always been difficult to obtain. Only those couples who were bold enough to carry on their initiation in the backseats of an under booked airline flight or wealthy enough to own their own aircraft were usually able to join.

Now you can join the club in romantic comfort, style and discretion. We are offering you and your loved one the exclusive use of our twin-engine aircraft, so that you can become Mile-High Club members in perfect safety and privacy. The cabin is clean, comfortable and contains a double bed and fresh crisp linen. The cockpit is separated from the cabin with a full, view blocking thick velvet curtain. A bottle of quality champagne and delicious chocolates are included for the flight as well as a Mile High Club Certificate and commemorative pin. The only thing we cannot do is allowing you to light the candles!

Go on…The flight is of one hour duration and will fly you over the city morning, noon or night.